Friday, February 13, 2015

One of those days

11 February 2015.

My day began discovering that my 2-year-old had broken the stem off my reading glasses. No biggie really, it was just one small screw that had come loose that I can screw back on. But a catch 22 of sorts, I needed my reading glasses to screw in that teeny tiny screw with my pen knife -- not having precision tools on hand. Fumbling through the process, I stabbed my finger hard enough to draw a bit of blood. That hurt like a motherfvcker.

A little while later, preparing lunch, I discovered that the wok that had been in the family since the 70's had finally given up and was leaking at the bottom. Quick trip to SM grocery to buy a replacement pan and my wife calls me to tell me that a Meralco transformer exploded and our whole block had no electricity. 3 hours and still no electricity, I struggled to prepare dinner in the dark -- then the LPG on my tank ran out.

Later that night, as my electricity was restored, a fresh tank of LPG delivered, my finger band-aided, and I prepared to go to sleep, I thanked God. I remember, almost exact to the day, last year, I had to take my very sick 2-year-old to the hospital. I would rather have this day, every day, than that day a year ago.

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