Saturday, December 17, 2011

Meri xmas kuya

Tough work year is over and I am tired... really tired. So it was not without a great sense of relief that I finally managed to drag myself home from another out of town assignment. The last for the year.

We did alright. And I shared in the company's profit. So much so that I could afford to finally buy another laptop -- for the significant other so we don't have to share. And if you know me, you would know that I don't make such purchases unless I have enough buffer in savings. As for me, I got a new android phone. A purchase I partly now regret, if only because the price, as I feared, dove a few months after I bought mine. I would've saved maybe two thousand pesos if I waited another two months.

So yeah, it was an alright year. Better than the last one. And next year promises to be even better. But believe you me when I tell you this, I bleed for every single peso that I earn. So next year's promise of an even better year translates to even more blood-letting.

So there I was in the apartment, de-stressing from the year that was and already preparing myself for the year to come when someone knocks on my door.

"Meri xmas kuya."

It was this guy who hangs around the housing complex who does odd jobs for residents. Not me, I do my own "odd jobs".

"Tang in..." I caught myself mid-sentence, and just decided to slam the door.

Tell me, since when did "meri xmas" translate to "give me money"? I was not raised to be ungenerous. But come on! Saying "meri xmas" that way is almost blasphemous. It is supposed to be Jesus' birthday. Are you Jesus? No? Then F you.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Constitutional crisis

Been busy lately. Christmas rush and all. So save for quick reads of mostly just the headlines I really haven't been following the news. So it is only this morning that I finally got it. The midnight-appointee supreme court chief justice has just been impeached by congress. For awhile back there I was thinking that "constitutional crisis" was just media's code word for Gloria's LBM.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Laying the groundwork

Here are the facts:

1. Former (fake) president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo claimed that she needed to go abroad to get medical treatment for her bone ailment. This procedure can not be done in the Philippines. Nor can it be done in the US, where we have an extradition treaty. It is the rarest or diseases that can only be treated in an unnamed country where the Philippines do not have an extradition treaty.

2. On the day that the attending doctors of Gloria from the St. Luke's got subpoenaed to testify under oath regarding Gloria's medical condition, miracle of all miracles, she was suddenly "fit to leave the hospital". Miracles do happen of course.

3. And today, when the Pasay RTC ordered the transfer of Gloria to a government hospital, the Veteran's Memorial Medical Center, there is now a plot to kill the former (fake) president.


The Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo camp is laying the groundwork for innocent by reason of insanity defense.

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