Sunday, October 21, 2012

Memo to "environmentalists"

Forcing Sting to move his concert venue from the Mall of Asia to the Araneta Coliseum, to penalize SM for chopping down those trees in SM City Baguio will not help the environment. Much in the same way as voting for that fake senator will make you an eco-warrior.

Worse, feeling good about this minor victory is counter productive. You have not helped the environment at all. Stop feeling good about yourselves.

What if I planted twice as many trees in replacement of those chopped down by SM City Baguio? Would I have saved the environment? I don't think so.

Unfortunately, it's going to take a whole lot more than media stunts, catchy slogans, and photo-ops by politicians who want your vote to save the environment.

The "environment" mantra, sadly, is now nothing more than "kontra droga" or "gusto makatulong sa mahirap".

Monday, October 15, 2012

Bitterness much?

Been quite busy lately. Scrambling to earn a living and stuff. So this post is a little late in coming.

To all those over-excited people who just couldn't wait for the iphone 5 to come out, I have one thing to say to you, F you. You read that right.

This is my bitterness-much-I-own-the-guilty-pleasure-of-it rant.

Couldn't wait to throw away your excess money?

No way to say this in English lest the sting get lost in translation; atat na atat kayong itapon ang sobra nyong kwarta? Ganun ba?

Congratulations, I am happy for all of you.


There, I feel so much better now.


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