Thursday, March 22, 2012

When a train hits you

"1 dead, 2 hurt as train hits tricycle in Laguna", screamed the news on the It is sadly a tragedy that was bound to happen. When trike drivers insist that their 40 kph home-made contraption be allowed to ply national roads and highways, and apparently even train tracks on this instance, you know it was just a matter of time.

What I find incredible about this news however is that, "The police were coordinating with the PNR to identify the driver of the train, who is facing charges of reckless imprudence resulting in homicide."

The train driver failed to turn to avoid the collision goes the thinking I suppose.

But heck, I am all for freedom from all government intervention on our personal liberties. Repeal the seat-belt law, the helmet law, the tricycle ban on national roads, etc. We are supposed to be a free society.  I say let's all be free to be stupid as we want to be and let Darwin's law improve the gene pool.

Guess what, when a train hits you because you are driving your tricycle right on or very near the train tracks where you are not supposed to be, it is your fault.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nabentehan ako ng Smart

So this morning, on my way to do some fieldwork in Zambales, I registered for Smart's Lahat Text Promo. I was supposed to get free texts to all networks, 20 minutes call-time to Smart, TNT, or Red Mobile, and 50 mb worth of internet access, all consumable within the period of 3 days. I texted "LTU50" to 2266. And I received a confirmation textback that stated that indeed I am now registered for the said promo.

Late this afternoon, I made the usual call home to my significant other. After which I checked my balance. Lo and behold, my phone call was charged approximately 20 pesos. So I called Smart's customer service to inquire. I told them that I have registered for their promo this morning and called a TNT phone for no more than 3 minutes approximately. The customer service person told me that I should add *2266 before the 11 digit cell number for the promo to work. But I told her that was not stated in the promo. She told me it was. So yeah, maybe, in my break of dawn rush I might have not read carefully the after-registration text back. I was very polite because I thought it was my fault. And so I ended the call.

But when I checked the after-registration text back and even the original promo text, there was NEVER any mention of appending *2266 before the 11-digit number. So I called Smart's support service again. I explained that I called not more than 1 minute before and I was told that the *2266 mechanics was in the text. I told her "NO! You people are LYING!" And for what? To add the 20 pesos you have filched from me to your multi-billion peso profit for the year?  I said I wanted a refund. I was flatly told no. Because I did not follow their (secret) mechanics I was rightly charged that 20 pesos. I sarcastically told her that my only option now is to file a case with the DTI so I can refund my 20 pesos. 20 fucking pesos. You are a multi-billion peso company and you stole 20 pesos from me. You lie to steal 20 pesos.

Good job Smart! Great fucking service.

Monday, March 12, 2012

I object!

(photo from 

So the defense side of the impeachment trial against Chief Justice Renato Corona presented their first witness, Representative from the lone district of Navotas, Congressman Toby Tiangco. As to the materiality of his testimony, Sen. Jinggoy Estrada hit the nail right on the head when he commented that the defense is merely wasting the court's time by not tackling the accusations lobbed against the chief justice head-on.

I was expecting fireworks from the defense and was greatly disappointed. Even the highest of caliber lawyers, apparently, can not polish shit enough to shine.

But even more disappointing than that was the inability of the prosecution panel to comment on the most objectionable matter of the day, what the fuck is going on with Tiangco's hair?! 

Objection your honors. At very least, cite the man for contempt.

Friday, March 9, 2012

And in the news

A woman with a fake mole on her face was prevented from leaving for Singapore by airport officials at the NAIA recently according to the Inquirer. No, she was not trying to look like a certain resident of the Veteran's Memorial hospital, who coincidentally was given a pass to attend her brother-in-law's wake.

Meanwhile, according to a Department of Energy official, whose name I wasn't able to get because it flashed for a total of 0.47 seconds on 24 Oras, said that next week oil prices can either go up, go down, or stay the same. You have to give it to these government mouthpieces, they cover all the bases.

And finally, soon to be ex-Chief Justice Renato Corona made the stunning revelation that a Malacanang emissary and apparently sponsored by a senator political ally had asked him to resign even before the impeachment proceedings reached the Senate. Wow! Really? This is the first time I've heard about it. Oh please tell me more Mr. Corona, who else asked you to resign and spare the country of this political stalemate we are in right now? I heard that the president asked you to resign even before he was officially sworn into office? Tell us all about that.

So yeah, today is a "DUH" news day.

Fear not the zombie apocalypse fellow citizens of this country, save for Miriam the Magnificent, we are all now officially brainless.

Passive aggressive

Lesson number 1

Learn to say "thank you" instead of "fuck you".

Teacher lost your 1-month in the making report? Thank you ma'am!

Monday, March 5, 2012

That voice in my head

I sometimes catch myself, during dramatic moments in my life, narrating the scene in my head in the third person. I could be suffering brutal pain from my hyperacidity and hear that voice; "And so this is how it ends. He loved. He laughed. He lived. And yet, so much promise... unfulfilled." Or an argument with a girlfriend, "He loved her so dearly but even that wasn't enough. He would have died for her, if only she loved him a little, not even a lot."

And the funny thing is, besides that the narration is in English, is that it is not even my own voice. My life, as it flashes before my eyes, is narrated by Morgan Freeman. Too much Hollywood I guess.

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