Friday, July 26, 2013

Please spare me the gory details, GMA

I was having dinner last night. And as usual, I had the news on. GMA's 24 Oras. A foolish habit I now think. Midway through the newscast, there was this report about a woman who murdered her own baby by burying her alive. Come on GMA, that is not even news! Gore is not news. That report has nothing to do with me nor 99.9999%. of the Filipino people. It affects her family. And maybe, in lesser degree, the immediate community. But to make it a national news item on prime time TV -- and you bring that to my dinner table?

Oil price hike, news. Gory details of how a madwoman murdered her child, not news. Aljur's latest love interest, not news. Stock market index, news. Marian Rivera's Valentine's plan with Dingdong, not news. Live blow by blow account of how the brother of  the hostage taker is being arrested, not news (not yet -- the public can wait). Shall I go on? Here's a hint, do I (the general public) really need to know that? Is there value in it? Would I be served if I knew that report? If the answer is no, then it is NOT news.

Remember the tsunami that struck Japan that killed a lot of people? How many dead bodies, blurred out or not, found it's way in any news item in either print or televised media? NONE. And that was legitimate news. Japanese media of course reported the NUMBER of casualties, but somehow they didn't find the need to parade the dead bodies for all the world to see.

Serbisyong totoo? What service are you speaking of? We bring to your dinner table, all the gory details of how a madwoman buried alive her own child, you mean this service? If you can not truly serve, at least be responsible. I'm trying to eat dinner here.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Squatting problem? Solved!

On an April 12 resolution, the KWF (Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino) has proposed the renaming of the Philippines to Filipinas. The drastic move is intended to solve the squatting problem in Metro Manila. By renaming our country to Filipinas the KWF also envisions that China will no longer be interested in the West Philippine sea, politicians will deliver on their campaign promises, street children will have good homes, poverty incidence will drop to near zero.

Why didn't I think of that? Good thing we have geniuses working in these commissions.

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