Thursday, July 28, 2011

Can you hear that?

The silence is deafening!

Where are the usual Gloria apologists? Where have they all gone? Your queen is dying. And not a whimper from your side. Not since the PCSO and bishops melodrama at the senate. Not that I want to hear any more of your lies. I am just seriously wondering.

One ashtray on the presidential desk, if I recall, was your final shot at digging up dirt at this presidency. Nice effort you guys. Ashtrays, indeed, have been known to spark the flames of revolution. Whose idea was that? Seriously. Give the man a Nobel prize for "idiocy".

Could it be? This silence is finally the white flag flying by even the most die-hard of liars, giving up on that sunken Arroyo boat? Anyone? Edcel Lagman? Len Bautista-Horn? Anything?

Where are you Ignacio Bunye? Kindly explain to us again what those 2 CDs are again. Remember? Those 2 you held in that most infamous of your press conferences. You think we would forget? History will forever remember you. Down to the last Bunye that will carry your name. And for what? That 30 pieces of silver? Tell us, was it worth it?

Well, good riddance to you all. And no, we will not forget you. Not even now when you choose to hide behind your silence.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Coming soon

To a theater near you.

At the rate things are going, with his dramatic prowess in full display, it won't be long before we see Zaldy Ampatuan in a critically-acclaimed indie film. Working title, "When Harry met Zaldy".

Either that or his next stop will be to sing the national anthem in, Representative from Sarranggani, Manny Pacquiao's next fight.

I can't wait.

Monday, July 18, 2011


Out one hot and humid day, I found myself in a sari-sari store trying to buy a Coke. They had run out. In fact they've run out of all drinks familiar to me. All they had was this Cobra drink that was supposed to boost my energy, or at least that was what it said so in their ads. So yeah, thirsty and without a choice I got to test this new drink.

Tindera handed  me a bottle and it felt cold in my hand, so I thought, perfect, just what I needed. But first the smell, just the smell and I feared the worst. But the Bear Grylls in me -- check that, parched and desperate for anything, I tried it anyway. But damn, that thing tastes nasty! So unreal. So unnatural.

But then again, after I had spat out the thing and tried to hanky the taste off from my mouth, I thought, and Coke is supposed to be natural? Hmmmm... I've been drinking Coke since I started school. So from age 6, I was a Coke drinker. But no, Coke is NOT natural. Just familiar.

Which brings me to another thought, it won't be too long now when instant pancit canton becomes "natural". And gone forever are the days, I fear, when boiling tamarind (sampaloc) to make a sour broth was the only way to make sinigang.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Vindicated ba kamo?

Hindi ako eksperto sa bibliya. Kaya nang mangyari ang iskandalo sa PCSO at mga obispo, ako ay napabasa. Pilit kong hinanap ang parte kung saan humingi si Hesus ng 4 x 4 chariot kay Cesar, para mas mapadali at mapabilis ang kanyang pag-serbisyo sa mga nangangailangan. Wala akong nakita. Bagkus, aking nabasa, "Ibigay kay Cesar ang kay Cesar, at sa Diyos ang sa Diyos". Yun naman pala, kay Kristo mismo nanggaling ang konsepto ng separation of church and state.

Basa pa ulit ng konti. Si Kristo ay inalok ng demonyo ng buong mundo mismo. Lahat ng kayamanan, karangyaan, at pag-iwas sa kanyang napakasakit at napakahirap na fate. Ito ay Kanyang tinanggihan. 

Simple ang aral. Huwag tumanggap ng alok ng demonyo. E mag-solicit kaya? Pwede ba? Sa tingin nyo? Tama bang mag-solicit sa demonyo? Ewan ko. Hindi ako eksperto.

Pero vindicated daw ang mga obispo. Nang sila ay lumabas matapos ng kanilang pagbigay ng testimonya sa mga senador na marahil umaasa sa kanilang suporta sa mga darating na eleksyon. Wala raw Pajero. Pero teka, di ba ang Montero ay Pajero sa ibang ngalan? Ano ang diperensya ng 1.6 milyon sa 1.6 milyon? Meron ba?

Oo na. Sige na. Vindicated na. Sabi nyo e. Matapos na lang ito. Kunin na ninyo ang "vindication" nyo. Kung dun kayo sasaya. Pero ang humingi pa ng paumanhin mula sa pangulo at pamunuan ng PCSO? Teka muna. Talaga bang gusto nyo ng mas masusing pagsusuri? Gusto nyo bang talagang ungkatin natin ang lahat ng detalye ng mga sasakyang inyong isinauli? Alam nyo bang ang standards sa mga red plate (mga sasakyang pag-aari ng gobyerno)? Binigyan na kayo ng free pass. Huwag nang humirit pa.

Aking ikinabit ang isang maikling video mula sa youtube. Isang munting aral sa lahat ng mga kampon ni Gloria na humaharap at haharap pa sa senado.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Iron fist

Woke up this morning to the news that another bunch of tourists (Fil-Am family) have been abducted by suspected Abu Sayyaf terrorists from a resort somewhere in Zamboanga. I thought, that's just a few hundred kilometers away from Davao City. You rarely ever hear that shit happening there.

I've been to Davao when it was still the patriarch, Rodrigo Duterte's turn at being mayor. It was just a few years after he had cleaned house. Getting rid of the NPAs, among other scalawags from the city. I remember the human rights advocates crying murder over it. But in the end, the result was, Davao is a city, right smack in the middle of the chaos that is Mindanao, free from all the nonsense associated with Mindanao.

I remember wishing I could find a job there, if only so I can stay. Davao is what Metro Manila ought to be. Clean, orderly, no traffic. Whatever the Duterte magic was, the proof of the pudding was definitely in the eating. But to be sure, it is no secret. Rodrigo himself will tell you that that magic is the iron fist. The same iron fist, I suppose, his own daughter now wields and demonstrated on that much viewed youtube clip incident.

Of course, as to be expected from them, opinion writers, human rights advocates, every mother and her uncle, would cry foul. Respect the rule of law they all cried.

Hmmm... the rule of law...

The same rule of law used by that rich son of a former senator to get himself off the hook? The same rule of law used by Gloria and her cabal to protect themselves over all these years from prosecution? The same rule of law that freed General Garcia with half his loot intact? That rule of law?

If not that, what rule of law are we talking about here? Oh you mean the rule of law that prevented the SWAT snipers from taking the first available shot at that mad Luneta bus hostage taker? You mean that?

But oh please, do not misread me. I am all FOR the rule of law. Just not the letter of the law. But the spirit of the law. And that spirit, of course, as always is -- JUSTICE.

Sara Duterte spared Davao from bloodshed that morning. Improvised arrows have already been fired and gun shots returned before she arrived at the scene. She had asked for only 2 hours reprieve. And it is standard operating procedure anyway for such demolition operations to take place with government officials present. That these were not observed, that poor civil servant got punched in the face. Poor fellow.  

But that is the human rights violation you want to cry about? Trust me. It takes major balls and nothing less than an iron fist to keep peace in Davao. Anything less than that, and it might as well be Basilan. Go crying human rights violation there. And go lecture the Abu Sayyaf, Etta Rosales, about human rights.

Monday, July 11, 2011

This is not Farmville

If I have not been updating this blog as much as I have in the past, it is because I've become addicted to this total waste of time. The game is Evony. An online game that I can best describe as Farmville on roids. 

You build cities (I've got two, with flags flying the name of my significant other), train troops, and try to smack another player's city to try and capture it, or plunder its resources. 

I am now, 3 months into the game, still a noob by Evony standards. But already made officer in a mid-level alliance I've grown to love, TruWar. 

The game is so consuming that I've abandoned my two poker accounts (for now), as I try to go and look for those elusive rose medals. I know that doesn't make sense to you civilians. But trust me, rose medals are the thing.

So if ever you happen to find yourself in North March (on the wn4 server), try and look us up. I am nearly always there.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Enough of the hypocrisy

And just tell us, dear church leaders, how many Pajeros is it going to take for you to support the RH Bill? Trust us, the RH Bill is a far less evil than Gloria's plundering ways. If you can overlook that, as one good Bishop Juan de Dios Pueblos assured that erring fake president of his "constant support" should he be gifted with a brand new 4 x 4, surely this is not too out of line. P-Noy can then just sign that off as "representation fee" and charge it to the promotion of the RH Bill.

It's a win-win. Just get off your high horses and tell us. You've not the moral ascendancy to sermon on morals. No, not now. And oh yeah, as to your defense that you see nothing wrong with it? All the more gives us no reason to believe you when you speak of morals.

Pajero lang katapat. Yun ba ang moral?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Just 10 years ago

Believe it or not, I didn't have a cellphone. Not even a pager. My first cellphone, a Nokia 3210 hand-me-down from kuya, would come later in the year. What this means, which is unthinkable now, was that when I was not within range of a land-line (home or office), I was off the grid. And no one can complain about that. I can disappear from everyone. And that was simply that.

I no longer have that freedom. I've answered calls from the comforts of my "throne" (should be a sacred place). Even once (or twice) while doing it with my significant other (just had to take the call). Remember the good old days when it was considered bad manners to make phone calls around noon or 6 pm, because they're supposed to be mealtimes? Or calls after 11 pm better be a life and death kind of important? Ever had a text after 12 MN that simply says "musta na?" Ugh. Chit-chat at that unholy hour? Or worse, 2 or 3 text messages during important meetings, and it is you provider telling you about their latest promo?

The more connected we get, the less freedom we have. I bet Mr. Bell didn't foresee this coming.

I used to have a Globe phone. Kept the number for about 5 years if only because they hardly offered unlimited texts options. Hey, if you are going to text me, it must be important enough that you are willing to spend 1 peso for it. But such arrogance had to end, when the significant other insisted I get a Smart phone, so she can text me all she wants.

I have two Facebook accounts, four active email accounts, one cellphone, this blog, and the other one, and I've lost the feeling of "being lost".

What a difference a decade makes.

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