Tuesday, June 26, 2012


It was not the result that I wanted. But because it is what it is, it is the result that I want, after all.

The significant other had been a little battier than usual the last couple of weeks. I mean I get it. When that time of the month comes, I have to get out of her nutty ways. Darwin never wrote it in his book, but this, actually, is the best survival tactic for the reasonable man. Expediency is the name of the game. What am I supposed to do? Beat the senseless crap out of her? If nothing else, my father taught me to never physically abuse women. Thanks dad for taking that out of the menu.

But last month was way nuttier than usual -- even for her. She was angry with me for no reason. She says she wants fish for lunch. And so like the dutiful partner that I am, I buy fish from the market. But no, it is never the fish that she wants. I can never figure that puzzle out. This kind of craziness went on for around two-three weeks. Until one hot afternoon, I've finally had enough. I am not her slave, I lashed out. Her reaction? Packed her things to leave. Of course I pleaded with her to stay. Its not the solution to a minor spat I told her. I thought 6 years of being together meant we are over that.

She would eventually decide to stay, but not before her tantrum reached Facebook status. Damn, sometimes I really hate Facebook. She knew I hated that more than anything else. She was taunting me. She wanted me to beat her up. I swear she did.

Men listen up. There is a lesson here for you all to learn. For all her unreasonableness. For all that craziness I took on the chin and smiled, I am glad now that I didn't do anything drastic. Trust me, had this person been a disgruntled employee or anything of that sort, I would have beaten the crap out of that someone. It was only because she was the significant other that I gave her a pass. And I am glad. Knowing what I know now, I would never be able to forgive myself if I had hurt her in anyway.

Two days ago, pregnancy test result -- positive.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Finally paid

After three months of waiting (an extra month more than I was told to expect it) my first check for winning a poker tourney has finally come. Its just 70 USD (100 USD minus 30% US federal tax), but more than the monetary value, I love the fact that I won that on sheer skill alone. I did not even risk any money of my own, since in it's a zero buy-in tournament,  so you can imagine how fierce the competition was. Lifetime career as a pro-anything, this tops my 500 Php winning effort in a PDA officially sanctioned dart tournament (inter-barangay champion, lol).

Like I told my pumpkin when I was asked "what is the best tasting beer in the world?", it is beer bought with money from winning something -- tastes like victory.

Monday, June 11, 2012


While two of the three judges scoring the Manny Pacquiao-Timothy Bradley fight saw it going Bradley's way, the boxing world is unanimous. Manny Pacquiao won that fight -- or at least, that Bradley didn't do enough to win the world title belt.

Go google it now. Do not even bother reading the articles of Filipino sportswriters who may have bias for the Filipino boxing superstar. It was not even a close fight. This was a robbery, plain and simple.

The numbers says it all. Compubox scoring had Manny Pacquiao dominating the fight 253 to 159. You out-punch your opponent by almost a hundred, simple logic is that you win. That two of the three judges saw it otherwise leads one to conclude that boxing is so desperate that it is contemplating to try professional wrestling's formula. Controversy sells. That that farce of a "sports entertainment" league can sell tickets only proves the efficacy of this tact.

The sad truth is, Manny Pacquiao's luster alone is no longer enough to sell tickets to the fringe fans. His story of humble beginnings yadi-yada-yada  is no longer interesting. Boxing needs something new. It is a bitter pill to swallow but outpointing pretenders is no longer enough. Manny should have knocked him out. Manny should have knocked everyone out.

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