Saturday, October 30, 2010

About me (4)


I am lactose intolerant. Not too bad though, I can get away with cream on my coffee, even eating some ice cream. But anything more than a small amount would give me indigestion.

I am allergic to dust, pollen, and most alcohol based perfumes. They give me sneezing fits. Alcohol based perfumes is of particular annoyance when I am in confined spaces. And because there are people who insist on using these perfumes, knowing full well of my condition, it can be said that I am allergic to some people.

I am allergic to strong detergents, adhesives, and even diesel fumes. When I wash clothes (even if I use the washing machine) my hands get itchy to the point that it becomes flaky and it bleeds. I used to be a video editor. When I was still using the linear editing machines, I needed to constantly label and re-label tapes -- a simple enough task if not for the fact that it required me to touch adhesive tapes. That was a pain.

I used to wear an earring. I can not wear anything less than 14K gold. Hypo-allergenic fakes will not do.

I have to wear my socks low otherwise my calves would get all itchy. I was really baduy in high school because of this. Ankle-high socks were still considered then a female thing (damn Samboy Lim for making knee-high socks a thing!). I am glad that wearing that today is no longer bading. Perhaps it was I who set that trend. Real cool men, confident of their sexuality, wear their socks low. Haha.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Thought for the day (2)

Only those who've thirst to the point of pain can truly appreciate a glass of water. Be grateful for the boring day.

Monday, October 25, 2010

About me (3)

A Toyota fan.

I am the fourth son with three older brothers and one younger sister. I am tempted to say that I was my father's favorite, but that might start another debate between us siblings. So, let me just say that I was my father's pet.

When my father was still assigned at the Theft and Robbery division of the Western Police District, I believe he used me as a convenient excuse to get away from the Sunday chores of filing paperwork for the week and manning the store. Sundays should have been rest day anyway, so my Dad did all the paperwork at home and would go to the station with assignment done and me in tow.

"Hey I'm taking my kid to Luneta later!" was often his excuse to his colleagues whenever asked if he can man the store for the day.

So Sundays was Luneta day for me and my dad. He wasn't making much money at the time and Luneta was free. After Luneta, we'd go to Araneta Coliseum to watch basketball. I don't know how much tickets cost those days, but I remember we'd get the cheapest bleacher seats. My father was a big Jaworski fan. So Toyota was his team. And naturally, I became one too. But even then, I never liked the Big Barelling J, and had Francis "Mr. Clutch" Arnaiz as my hero.

These dates were supposed to be a secret between me and my father. But being very young, somehow my brothers were able to extract from me the information that we'd been going to the basketball games without them. Haha! Of course they resented it. And in rebellion became diehard Crispa fans. And so, that was how our house was divided come the epic championship games between Toyota and Crispa. Me and my father for Toyota, my three older brothers for Crispa, and my baby sister, Switzerland (she was too young to care). Of course, much to our dismay, Crispa won far much more than our Toyota. I still hate with a passion Billy Ray Bates to this day.

Friday, October 22, 2010

About me (2)

one year old me
Near death experiences:

Three times I nearly died before I turned 9. The first one was when I was around 3. An electrician was doing some work in the house and I don't know how it happened but I got electrocuted. I don't remember the event. But I have some faint memory of having my left hand in bandages as it was badly burned. My mom attributes the event for giving me superior intelligence. The spider-bite gave Spiderman his powers, electrocution gave me the powers of math even before I started school.

When I was 6, me and my brothers went along with an uncle who had this contract to build a pier in Iligan. Naughty me fell into the very deep waters and nearly drowned. I remember being very calm about it. So this is how it is going to end. This is what it feels like to die. A cousin rescued me in time though. But not soon enough that I was traumatized for a time. But my father would have none of it and got me over it quickly. He would take me swimming, break of dawn, about a kilometer away from the shore into the very deep waters of Batangas, right at the edge of the sea where it starts to look totally black. This is where I learned to swim.

When I was eight, a doctor botched what should have been an easy operation to remove a cyst that grew at the edge of my jaw below my left ear. For the second operation I was in the hospital for two weeks and had to go under for 12 hours. I remember one nurse, can't remember her face now, if she was pretty or what, but when I was left alone for a minute, she came into my room and kissed me (first kiss, haha!). And told me, in all seriousness, to remember her and come back for her when I grow up. I wonder what ever happened to her. 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

About me (1)

This should have been done at the start of the blog. And apparently is now the trend with my ka-bloggers. So let me share something really personal about myself. But let me do it one item at a time.

First thing about me (favorite food):

(1) My most favorite meal in the world would be fried to a crisp tinapa served with tahong stewed in sprite, and of course steaming hot plain rice. The entire meal would roughly cost no more than 30 pesos per person. That this is so cheap is one of those things that makes me believe God is fair. You do not need Bill Gates' salary to enjoy the most glorious meal in the world. I've had caviar, lobster, and 1,000 Php steaks. If I have to choose just one meal to eat everyday for the rest of my life, believe me, I'd choose my tinapa, tahong and plain rice.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Would you wear one?

My GF found the t-shirts above for sale on her FB account. Cute 'no? But before all you female readers suffer from an epileptic seizure over the "cuteness" of the thing, let me say this one bit of warning, good luck in making your husbands/BFs wear the t-shirt. I can -- if she's not wearing the counterpart. But that would be missing the entire point now, won't it?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Juan is a coming!

print screen from the

Since when did we start giving storms/typhoons MALE names? Is this a new directive from the PNoy administration? Is this the new improved PAGASA PNoy was bragging about in his first-100-days report to the boss? Would giving male names to typhoons make them more reasonable and less temperamental?

Friday, October 15, 2010

This just in

Ricardo Cardinal Vidal promises to violate the RH Bill if ever it becomes law according to GMA news. And he doesn't care if he goes to jail. Well, the question of course is HOW? How does one violate the RH Bill? By having unprotected sex?

I believe I need to watch the full news and not jump into conclusions from reading the ticker.


Notice that I didn't do a graphic illustration for this. :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Free at last!

Rebel Senator Antonio Trillanes
First thing I'm gonna do is order free drinks for everyone! Join me at the Manila Pen when I get out. See you all there.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Sen. Pag-bad-ka-lagot- ka

What the duck were we thinking? The name should have been a giveaway. But no, we believed his catchy campaign slogan and elected the joker to the senate. Where he was SILENT all those years. A silence so deafening I almost forgot he was a senator at all. Imagine all the scandals of the past admin and nary a whimper from the pag-bad-ka-lagot-ka senator. 

And now he speaks?! Now that the fake president has stepped down? Now he has the gall to question improprieties? After all the stench he has somehow managed to ignore all those years? Ah senator ka pa pala. I remember you... vaguely...  

But sadly the joke is on us. On all of us. Someone send out the Bat signal.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Please vote

my hero (nominee #9)

Please log on here and vote for TACK. She is a hero. All proceeds shall go to her if ever she wins.

Please take 5 minutes from your precious internet time to register and vote. It would help too if you would paste the link on your FBs. Thanks.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Not really sorry

Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo
Actually, what I am really sorry for is that I got caught. And now, looking back, what I am  really sorry for is that I ever made the "I am sorry" speech.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

PNoy an environmentalist

Pres. Noynoy Aquino
Perhaps I didn't explain my position well enough, I am an environmentalist and will not ax puno.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Must be nice to be Ryan

print screen is from the edition today

You become Mr. Judy Ann Santos, good career move. And Juday's not that bad. All you condescending hypocrites, just erase from your memories the image of Ula Batang Gubat, and Juday is actually kinda hot -- admit it!

Your first born is a boy! Congratulations, Ry. The entire nation rejoices with you. The government in fact has seen it fit to declare one day as a national day of celebration -- Oct 25 has just been declared a holiday. Don't anyone dare tell me the two events are unrelated. I am a conspiracy nut, remember. Everything is connected. It is the barangay elections that is the convenient excuse.

Congratulations Ryan and Juday!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The God perspective

me at work

I work for a company tasked with the technical support for the high-tech equipment you see above. That's me at the main bridge of a full mission ship handling simulator that can be linked to an engine room and 5 cubicles representing 5 independently controlled ships that can join the same simulation scenario.

From the control booth, the instructor can simulate storms, engine trouble, rough seas, even make it snow in Manila Bay. As far as the simulation goes, the instructor at the control booth is god.

He can, of course, always give the students smooth sailing conditions -- the perfect easy life. But this is almost never done. For that would be just a waste of simulator time. The simple fact is, rough seas make better sailors.

Maybe that is something to think about whenever we encounter rough sailing in life. Perhaps someone at the control booth wants to make better sailors out of us.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Another random list

Awesome things that are cool but sucks at the same time:

- Finishing second in a competitive tournament.
- Setting the world record time in plastic cups stacking.
- Being really good at something you are not really that interested in.
- Being a good karaoke singer.
- Being the perfect look-alike of Mike Enriquez.
- Almost superhuman ability to predict bad things in the future, but having no power to prevent the bad thing from happening.
- A hole in one in golf, and no witnesses.
- Becoming a YouTube sensation over some dumb thing you did.
- Secret affair with Megan Fox that will end and she will deny if ever anyone finds out.
- Getting the fame and recognition you deserve, after you die.
- Having Google declare you as the "Zynga poker champion", but not really, since you used a pseudonym.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Stuff no one told me

click here to go to Alex Noriega's blog

There is this new blog that I am stalking. Four days now and I've read every single cartoon he has posted on his two blogs (the third one is his sketch pad). It's really cool. And I have posted here a link in the "really cool blogs" section. Funny thing about Google though, even before I posted this entry, I got *three hits from Cataluna, Spain, via Google with the search keywords "stuff no one told me", all because of the link I posted.

Blogging tip/reminder: photos and images, do not get indexed by Google unless you give it a descriptive text support. I've e-mailed Alex about it. Oh yes, we are on first names basis now. He's a pretty cool dude who responds to posts (questions), but I try not to hassle the guy too much, as he is getting a LOT right now from fans. 

Hey, do drop by his blog and check it out. Tell him I said, "hi!" 

* Another hit from Cataluna, Spain within minutes of posting this. Lol.  

Confirmation: It was from Alex himself, this from my email:

Alex Noriega

 to me
show details 7:20 AM (8 minutes ago)
The hits were probably  from me and my daily ego surfing trips :)

Thanks for the cool words!


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Our David takes on Goliath

image sourced from here

When our very own Manny Pacquiao takes on Mexico's Antonio Margarito this 13th of November in Texas, expect an epic battle of biblical proportions. Giving away 4 1/2 inches in height and a full 6 inches in reach, this will be nothing short of a David versus Goliath battle -- almost literally. This is one fight that needs no hyperboles. Margarito is half a head taller and at least one fist longer. The numbers speak for themselves.

Don't kid yourself folks, even against a mediocre taller-longer opponent, giving away that much in height and reach is no small matter. And Margarito is no mediocre opponent. He is the man responsible for Miguel Cotto's first defeat. The man can punch. And the man can take punches. As to his sullied reputation for coloring outside the lines, that should cause for more worries. Pro boxing is not exactly a gentleman sport. Manny should be ready for anything. 

But I have faith in our champion. Height and reach is one thing (alright, two things). Speed another. And as Manny has proven over and over again, it is speed that kills. But let me stop right here and not pretend I know more than Freddie Roach. I will not even offer an opinion as to how Manny should fight this fight. I'm sure the boxing genius has another ace of a fight plan up his sleeve. And Manny should follow that -- and only that.

And Manny will need every last bit of that genius in his corner. I exaggerate not when I say this is going to be Manny's toughest test. The highest peak he will scale. This will be for yet another record setting 8 world crowns in 8 weight divisions. No other fighter comes even close. Least of all, that motormouth (who shall not be named) whose own genius is in finding every excuse to not to step inside the same ring with Manny. Sugar Ray Leonard, who doesn't have an 0 record, ruled in 5 weight divisions. Oscar dela Hoya in 6.

While we should not start celebrating just yet, let us all remember one thing from the bible, it was David that won that battle against Goliath.

I can't wait.

Friday, October 1, 2010

"Quote", "unquote"

click here to access the "blog"

You gotta love the internet. If nothing else, you get to "meet" people of the same "persuasions". Remember my blog entry on how I wanted to "gouge" out my own "eyes" for all those misplaced "apostrophes"? Well here's one "blog" solely dedicated to "quotation" marks. Really funny. Check "it" out.

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