Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Big Fat Lie

That is how my life has been to this point.

The other day, I finally finished the three-week download of all Voltes V episodes from "less than legal" sources on the internet. Because I wanted all episodes, including the missing episodes that were never dubbed in English, I chose a link to all forty episodes with the original Japanese audio track with English subtitles.

Last night, I sat down my one-and-half year old daughter on the couch with me, so I can share with her the greatest anime ever made. -- not realizing the gravity of the conspiracy that was to unfold right before our eyes!

There was never any Armstrong brothers, Steve, Big Bert, and Little John! No, not even a Mark or Jaimee. Instead, you have the Go brothers, Kenichi, Daijiro, and Hiyoshi, with Ippei and Megumi. It's all been a lie. Dr. Amstrong is actually Prof. Go and Dr Smith is Prof. Hamaguchi.

Thankfully, Camp Big Falcon is actually Camp Big Falcon. And Voltes V is spoken in heavy Japanese accent but phonetically "voltes five".

Just as Christopher Columbus never existed (it was Cristobal de Colon), Steve, Big Bert, Little John, Mark and my crush Jaimee Robinson, never really existed - not even in the realm of animes.

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