Thursday, March 27, 2014

When ads makes it as "news"

Apparently, it is not legal for Erwin Tulfo to accept payment in return for “advertising services” from NABCOR. Now that is a surprise. That’s not legal? Not appropriate? But MERALCO buying ad spots right before and right after the news segment on power hike is acceptable. It is being done openly, and no one is raising a howl.

Media is bought and paid for. Have no illusions, neither GMA nor ABS-CBN is doing the news as a public service. So all this “the right of the people to know” takes a backseat whenever potential sponsors might get offended, reason why we have blind items like “naholdap ang isang bangko sa isang sikat na mall sa Mandaluyong”, for news reports because they can not say “Mega Mall” nor “BPI”.

And for ratings, we get live coverage of Delfin Lee being transported from Pampanga’s Provincial Jail to the Court of Appeals. That is newsworthy, apparently, according to GMA’s breaking news team. What did the news crew expect to get out of giving in to the public’s voyeuristic tendencies? Meanwhile the real news of grilling former VP Noli de Castro how 6.7 Billion PHP was swindled from PAG IBIG under his watch, remains unasked. Professional courtesy? More like, honor among thieves.

Wake up to the reality people, there can be NO FREE PRESS when what we have is a PAID PRESS.

And don’t get me wrong. I believe Tulfo is an asshole, but no more (nor less) an asshole as the rest of them.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Live your life

like the novel you want to write.

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