Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The meaning of life

Finally, I cracked the code. I finally found the answer to the one question that has always been bugging my mind since I first seriously contemplated the meaning of life when I was fourteen. It came to me on the 21st minute of the 9th day of the 1st month on the 13th year of the 3rd millennium. There was nothing metaphysical about it. Suddenly, it was all very tangible and quite simple. The meaning of my life is this -- I was born to raise this child the Lord has given me.

Two weeks later, my baby is big enough to take a stroller ride with me.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ban the gun

A not so happy new year to everyone for we are off to a bloody start. A 7-year-old dies in Caloocan, victim of celebratory new year's gun fire. Then not even 5 days later, an amok kills 8, wounding 9, in Cavite. The mindlessness of it all is enough for everyone and his uncle to cry "total gun ban!" I admit, I,  among them. But are we really? Do we really want a gunless society bad enough that we are willing to pay for it?

Because "total gun ban", the concept, if we are to make it a tangible reality is going to cost us. You didn't think it would, did you? You thought "total gun ban" only means the PNP enforcing the already strict laws on gun ownership. That it is a PNP problem, not mine. Oh I'm sorry to burst your bubble but it is not. These gun laws have been legislated for decades and yet still we live in a society where even a  street vendor who sells cigarettes by the stick is likely to be packing a sumpak.

If you are really for a "total gun ban", this is what it's going to cost you. A curtailment of some of your civil liberties. For the gun laws to have some teeth, you have to support warrantless searches in police checkpoints, more police checkpoints, etcetera. You get the idea.

You know what? I am desperate enough to want it. I have nothing to hide, let the police check my bags. Just please train these police to be polite and not abusive and I'm all for it.

So let me throw this out there, I am for a gunless society and I am willing to pay for it by supporting warrantless searches in police checkpoints.

So how about you? Do you want a gunless society bad enough?

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