Wednesday, May 30, 2012

And they lived up to their names

Sa mga bumoto ng acquit, ito lang masasabi ko sa inyo...

Bong Bong, Marcos ka nga.

Joker, Arroyo ka nga.

Miriam, Brenda ka nga.

Meanwhile on my brother's FB:

New business idea, Lapid's Pizza Pie. Specialty, impeachable pie. All prices in USD.


Thank you Mr. Enrile, happy na kami. For all the highs and lows of your career, history shall remember you for this and Edsa. And to all other senators who voted to convict, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


“Although every office in the government service is a public trust, no position exacts greater demand for moral righteousness and uprightness from an individual than in the Judiciary”.

This was part of the decision penned by the Supreme Court on the case of one Delsa Flores, a lowly court interpreter who failed to declare her sari-sari store in her SALN. And by these standards, we measured the Chief Justice too. And he was found wanting.


One day after the verdict, President Noynoy visited my workplace to hand out the diplomas to the graduates. He briefly inspected the simulator our company maintains, and I was, for fifteen minutes, no more than 10 feet away from PNoy. But tragically, with all the VIPs crowding the president, I failed to forward my sister's personal message to him to appoint Justice Carpio as the next Chief Justice. Respect tradition. Appoint the most senior. Sorry sis.

PNoy, as seen from the CCTV camera, inspecting the simulator we maintain/operate.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Chief Justice

"Pepito, wipe away those tears. Time to be brave. It is an honor to die for one's country. Not everyone is given that chance." With that,he playfully ruffled the hair of his son one last time then proceeded where a firing squad awaited him.

That was over half-a-century ago. When Pres. Quezon exiled to the USA on the heels of the Japanese invasion, it was left to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Jose Abad Santos to lend legitimacy to the puppet government that the invading Imperial Japanese army wanted to set-up. When the Chief Justice refused, he was given an ultimatum. Chief Justice Jose Abad Santos chose death.

Now some seventy odd years later we are left to ask, where have all the brave Filipinos gone?

Friday, May 18, 2012

On tolerance

I smoke. Not exactly proud of it. But neither am I ashamed of it. I just do. I am a smoker and will continue to be so in the foreseeable future. Will I try to promote smoking as a lifestyle? No. Will I go to elementary schools and say that smoking is an acceptable lifestyle choice? No.

I make this statement, again, not to make smoking appear cool or a thing, but simply to make a point. And that is, I know a thing or two about discrimination.

Even with the president of the republic, an incorrigible smoker, city ordinances even national tax laws continue to be promulgated discriminatory of smokers. I get it. Second-hand smoke is bad. Ok, I will not smoke in our shared space then. But do not invade my own little private space with your self-righteousness. When I get out of my way to smoke in some nook where they store the garbage, you can not go there specifically just tell me all about your anti-smoking agenda. Unless you are there to collect the trash, that is my space. And from experience those guys hardly ever complain. They usually bum me for a cigarette actually.

The thing about tolerance is, you can not preach it by being intolerant of contrary opinions. You can not promote tolerance towards lesbians-gays-bisexuals-transgenders by going hammer and tongs whenever someone like Manny Pacquiao expresses his own honest opinion. So what if Manny Pacquiao does not like you? Does he have to like you? And you would impose that he like you? He is not allowed to have an opinion whether it be intelligent or dumb?

Look, us smokers have it worst. I've had numerous religious nuts tell me that smoking is a sin. This is how society in general thinks. They even named that discriminatory law "sin tax" -- now a "certified urgent bill". I ask the LGBT community, what was the last anti-gay tax legislated? But that's ok. I get it. We are a minority. But I dare the bible nuts to quote me that verse wherein Jesus said, "Thou shall not smoke."

I rant, ironically, to send out this message to everyone: chill. Look hard enough, and you will find that there are people who will never approve of whatever lifestyle you choose. Be it vegan, smoker, gay, environmentalist, conservative, progressive, liberal, etc. That's just intolerant people being intolerant. That's how they choose to live their life. My thing? Live and let live. And I really don't give a damn what these people think of me or how I live my life. That, my friends, is tolerance. Not giving a damn about intolerance. And yes, you are allowed your opinion.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

You are not Jesus Christ

I am not a particularly religious man. I believe in God, in my own very specific way, but do not subscribe to any organized religion. But when someone invokes the name of God to try and evade justice, that really rubs me the wrong way. And I am tempted to invoke Mosaic Laws if only to impose death to the blasphemer!

Note to Chief Justice Renato Corona, you are NOT Jesus Christ. Testifying before the impeachment court is not your "calvary" (quoted from the If you are indeed innocent, all you have to do is sign a document allowing bank officials to open any and all alleged dollar deposits to your name. If indeed these do not exist, as you say they do not. You have proven yourself innocent. And more than that, you have embarrassed the prosecution and this administration, your enemy, as you yourself declare. And of course, you have redeemed yourself. End of story. An easy enough task for an innocent man, as you say you are. Just do it. I dare you. I double dare you.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

What I thought back then

1. Racing always starts with the announcer saying "n-derego!"  It was "and there they go", I would later find out.

2. Vetsin is made from bone scraps.

3. TV stations are subsidized by Meralco. TV being the only real reason you consume electricity.

4. Sesame Street's Ernie and Bert are robots. Took me a long time to accept that they are hand puppets.

5. It always snows in the USA.

6. If ever you get on TV, for whatever reason, you are an "artista" -- and you will be rich.

7. I will never ever get tired of playing Pacman. If only my father would buy me one, I would be happy forever. (He did buy me one).

8. A car travelling at 140 kph has achieved mach 5. Damn you Voltes V.

9. You can touch clouds and it will feel soft like cotton.

10. If I can jump high enough like the Six Million Dollar Man, I can then re-jump in mid-air thus achieving flight.

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