Friday, July 20, 2012

It's official

I am now a certified scribie transcriber. Just got the approval this morning.

Had to do it. I need every last dollar I can squeeze out of this internet side-business thing-a-majig. And oh yes, I did say "dollar". The audio transcription website pays 1 USD per 6 audio minutes transcribed. And you get to pick and choose when to work, even what files to work on. I waited an extra 2 days, in fact, hoping to get a clear audio test file which I got this morning. Within 6 hours, I got the certification.

So yeah, I'll be typing away my free time mostly from hereon out. If you are interested in becoming a transcriber click on this link.

Saturday, July 14, 2012


I know how hard it is for these stores. They are often the victims of counterfeit money being passed onto them. I get that. There is a reason why they need to install some type of double-check mechanism in their check-out procedure. But then again, must they be so crude about it?

I don't know what it was with that cashier. Maybe I was just tired, coming home from a long 6-hour road trip. I'm sure I looked haggard and maybe a bit disheveled. But she took my money, a crisp freshly drawn from the atm 1,000 Php bill, as payment for my takeout order. She quickly scanned the bill over some blue light for a look-see if it was fake or not. That there would have been alright. Like I said, I do understand their predicament.

But no, she then had to raise it up to check it against the flourescent light above. That really ticked me off. What? Do I look like the sort of guy who passes fake 1,000 Php bills?

I bit my tongue and didn't do or say anything. I waited patiently for my order. And then my change.

She handed me a 500 Php bill, two 100 Php bills, and some other lose bills and coins. My turn. I took my time, didn't care that I was holding up the line behind me, as I inspected carefully, holding each one against the flourescent light, every bill being handed to me.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

And in other Dolphy news

Former vice president Noli de Castro fails to understand why it is impossible for Bibeth Orteza to write Dolphy’s autobiography.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


I've decided to change things up a bit. Stretch the legs of this here blog a little. I'll be cross-posting on Triond, articles I believe fall in the category of "instructional".

Remember the USD check I got from Zen Entertainment? Well, if ever you find yourself with a USD check in the Philippines without a USD savings account, I swear to you, you'd half wish you were related to Renato Corona. For some backward third-world reason, cashing foreign currency checks in the Philippines takes you back 20 years.

My first Triond article: Cashing That USD Check in The Philippines

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