Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Eco-warrior, what?

So the fake senator, who did nothing during his stolen term but to support that fake president, has officially jumped the gun on the legal election campaign period with a TV ad that basically labels himself a champion of the environment. The shameless idiot, apparently, will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

But drop the label and what is this guy all about? He stayed in the senate, all those years, knowing full well he benefited from cheating. And not just dagdag-bawas but stolen votes from Maguindanao -- remember the massacre? Then patted himself on the back for resigning when the final decision of the election tribunal was but a few weeks away.

And here he is now repackaged as an eco-warrior. Really? Vote for this guy and become an eco-warrior? If only Filipino voters are not that dumb.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

May angal ka?

Me and a dear old friend are currently working together on a new blog The Pinoy Consumer Advocate. It's a blog review of products and services available in the Philippines.

The idea is borne out of the frustration of being shortchanged by these big corporate entities who would rather spend millions on advertising instead of giving the customers a good product. Well, alrightee then, if they want to play it that way, spend those millions on advertising, but just know this, deliver a poor product and we will do our darndest to get these products indexed by searched engines as the lemon that they are.

Kung may angal ka, i-blog mo dito, http://pinoyconsumeradvocate.blogspot.com/.

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