Thursday, April 19, 2012

Priority check

There was this bit of semi-interesting news on GMA the other night. An old destitute man ekes out a living by collecting what appears to be empty plastic containers and whatnot from garbage. He was prime-time news material all of the sudden not for his career choice but rather because he was employing his dog in this private enterprise. Apparently, the old man makes his dog help him pull his cart.

As expected and right on cue, with media's light focused on the old man, "animal cruelty" cried PAWS. Informed by the charge, the old man was visibly befuddled and could not respond. Clearly he is in no financial shape to pay the possible fine. And in even worse physical shape to face possible jail time. The very reason he employs his dog in that manner. The old man is OLD. He is too weak to push that cart on his own, he cried out in defense. His dog on the other hand, appears well-fed and looks none the worse for wear doing that chore.

But I know where PAWS is coming from. Dogs are meant to be pampered in doggy salons and whatever else the Paris Hiltons of this world can afford. Dogs were never meant to do manual labor.

But in the interest of fairness, I dare these people to go to Alaska and charge the Inuits of animal cruelty for making those dogs pull those sleds. Why not ask the New Zealand farmers to not use their dogs in herding cattle and sheep? And what of the police? Sniffing for drugs and bombs is dangerous! Charge them too and do not single out this poor old man.

These concerned citizens of PAWS should get their priorities in order. Nakita nyo ang paghihirap ng aso, hindi nyo man lang napansin ang paghihirap nung matanda, mga paws ng ina nyo.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ang init!

Just paid my Meralco bill yesterday. Roughly 20% increase from my previous month and I didn't consume 20% more electricity. Meralco is slowly killing us all. And now this morning, I wake up and there is no electricity. So I go to Meralco's FB account and reported this fact. And what do I get 30 minutes later? An almost machine generated reply, "Meralco Hi Don, upang ma-address namin ang iyong concern, kakailanganin din namin ang inyong Service Identification Number (SIN) o nakapangalan sa inyong Meralco bill, eksaktong address (house or block/lot number, kalye), pinakamalapit na palatandaan sa lugar (kalye/ establisyemento) at lawak ng walang kuryente. Salamat."

But I already gave my address on the original report. Is this fucker kidding me? So ok, I got hold of my electric bill and copied the Service Identification Number, for whatever purpose that may serve, frankly I don't know. Then added "kung Jollibee, kayang mag-deliver in 30 minutes or less with that address I gave, I am sure tech savvy Meralco know google as well."

And what is this guy asking me with "lawak ng walang kuryente"? Is this guy really asking me to survey the entire Novaliches area, asking house to house to find out how far and wide the power outage is?

Idiots. I tell you. There are far too many idiots in this country. I hereby announce on this blog that I am for post-natal abortion. Yeah, I said it.

I got less than 30 minutes left on my lap top battery. If there are grammar mistakes on this post, I shall correct them all later when I get electricity.


Update: Power has been restored around 30 minutes after the response to my report. I guess the "Jollibee Challenge" did it.

Friday, April 6, 2012

I won!

This really belongs to my other blog (zyngapokerchampion) but I am just too happy that I had to post it twice! I won 100 USD in an online poker tournament (70 USD after taxes). For details click here.

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