Friday, June 12, 2015

Death penalty

Bring back the death penalty! For starters the ultimate penalty should meted out for these crimes:

1. Taking 30 seconds or more to look for your atm card when you had 30 minutes in line to do it.

2. Jeepney drivers who slow to a crawl near the intersection so they can get stuck on one side of the highway to wait for passengers -- cars-behind-me-damned!

3. Pedestrians who cross the street within 50 meters of a pedestrian overpass and still choose to play pantintero.

4. People who pause to find their bearings right after the escalator -- move out of the way a55hole!

5. People who converse loudly on their phones while in public transport.

6. People who eat smelly food on public transport.

7. Politicians whose initials are all over that multicab.

8. Politicians whose last name is Binay.

9. Politicians whose name is Nancy Binay.

10. Politicians whose name is Jojo Binay.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Willie is back

Not really watching TV anymore, so much so that the fact Willie Revillame is back on Philippine slipped by me - just found out from an FB post of a friend. Perhaps it's old age, or the fact that I am now a father to a 2 year old -- I don't feel so violently outraged anymore. I am just thankful he is not running for anything in 2016. Let us all thank our lucky stars.

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