Saturday, July 9, 2011

Enough of the hypocrisy

And just tell us, dear church leaders, how many Pajeros is it going to take for you to support the RH Bill? Trust us, the RH Bill is a far less evil than Gloria's plundering ways. If you can overlook that, as one good Bishop Juan de Dios Pueblos assured that erring fake president of his "constant support" should he be gifted with a brand new 4 x 4, surely this is not too out of line. P-Noy can then just sign that off as "representation fee" and charge it to the promotion of the RH Bill.

It's a win-win. Just get off your high horses and tell us. You've not the moral ascendancy to sermon on morals. No, not now. And oh yeah, as to your defense that you see nothing wrong with it? All the more gives us no reason to believe you when you speak of morals.

Pajero lang katapat. Yun ba ang moral?

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