Sunday, May 16, 2010

Iron chef

I don’t know enough of Japanese pop-culture to know for sure. But somebody please tell me, are the Japanese makers of “Iron Chef” serious, or are they being sarcastic? Is all the cheesiness, a tongue-in-cheek salute to all the over-the-top Japanese martial arts movies? Or is that, seriously, their idea of what ultimate competition ought to be? 

You know what I mean, the costume, the kitchen stadium, the music, and the final one-on-one combat format. Hey, even the way they shot how Chairman Kaga bites into that bell pepper is seriously funny.

And what’s the deal with always beginning the annotation to the theme ingredient intro segment with the line “If memory serves me right”? 


  1. One thing for sure, TV execs have noticed Iron Chef's popularity that a show aping it has debuted this Sunday. Kitchen Battles with Zoren Legaspi in his screaming role as the host.

    Too bad Secrets of the Masters on QTV is out.

  2. I wasn't able to catch that. Question, how did they start the intro to the theme ingredient?

  3. Ang napansin ko lang, masyadong garapal pagkaka gaya nila dun. Nakakahiya na.

    Ang mas lalong nakakaasar, di man lang gawing natural and exotic ingredients yung theme ingredient.


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