Friday, June 25, 2010

My San Miguel ad

It is only because I love San Miguel Pale Pilsen too much, and I do not want it to suffer the same fate as my other love, Winston Reds, that I am doing this for free. If someone can get the word out, and pass the message to the people at McCann Erickson (are they still handling San Miguel?), please do so.

Product positioning.

I heard that San Miguel Pale Pilsen has been suffering in sales in recent years. The reason why it is getting harder and harder to find it in the cheaper carinderia cum restobars (my favorite hangout). The younger consumers think San Miguel Pale Pilsen is "daddy's beer". That McCann would "idiotly" (if that is even an adverb) continue with the "isang platitong mani" ads, which is Bay Elorde vintage, does not help. What are you thinking? The joke was funny the first few times. It is no longer funny now. Come up with new material. You are not getting paid to just re-state the same thing over and over again.

My take on San Miguel's right product positioning, it is the ONLY REAL BEER. Light beers are for people who got bamboozled into thinking that it is the "healthy" alternative. Yeah right. Go smoke some dried up papaya leaves and tell me that it is healthier than tobacco. Those who drink strong beer are manual laborers who can not afford the real thing. San Miguel pale pilsen is the real beer. So if you want the perfect happy day, if you are going to drink beer anyway, might as well make it San Miguel pale pilsen.


I posted this on a blog of a friend.

The perfect happy day:
1. Absolutely nothing that needs to get done and nowhere I need to be.
2. Triple-header, that's back-to-back-to-back NBA playoff games on TV. Plus a good fight on another channel I can surf to during commercial breaks.
3. One comfy beanbag chair.
4. One cooler with a case of ice cold San Miguel Pale Pilsen (nothing else will do -- perfect happy day, remember).
5. One whole jumbo Andok's Lechon Manok. No need for knives or fork. To be eaten viking/neanderthal style. Hmmm... add a family-sized pizza there... meat lovers. One jumbo andok's might not last the whole day.
6. Absolutely no texts or calls. GF is out somewhere shopping with her sisters. 
7. No uninvited guests. This is ME time.
8. Adult diaper. So I don't even have to get up to pee. 
9. I pass out at the end of this perfect day. 
10. Oh yeah, hopefully at least one of my teams won. LOL!

That is my personal definition of a perfect happy day. Of course, this might not fly well with the clients, being too barbaric and all. But hey McCann people, do not make me spoon feed everything to you. Re-work the idea and smooth out the rough edges. 

How's this for an idea? Video is of a man (his back to the camera) lounging on a beach chair, out in the beach is the image of a lone sexy woman in  bikini (implied message, that is the woman he consorts with). Chargen on the perfectly blue sky in cloud-white colored font is "The Perfect Happy Day". Voice over (of the man). "Nothing to do. Nowhere I need to be. No phone calls. No text messages. Just me and my San Miguel. For the perfect happy day, nothing else but San Miguel Pale Pilsen will do. Final text on screen, "San Miguel beer, all else pales in comparison."

The idea is still rough, I admit. But it is something you can chew on. Go to work McCann people. Save my beer! 

(image from here:


  1. Is it just me, or the bottle looked curved?

    It is too bad FPJ had died, because he was the perfect beer endorser. Erap won't work as an endorser (though I was thinking of him identifying eith his late friend) because opinion of him is too divided. Eddie Garcia made a beer commercial once, only it was Beer na Beer (with pre-BB Gandanghari Rustom too). Most matinee idols and young actors already sell hard liquor.

    How about Richard Gomez as the endorser? Pambawi sa nagastos sa election?

    Please don't get Itchyworms or their song. It (and the whole album) was meant to be a parody.

  2. Pale lovers unite! :D

    Yes neckro, the bottle looks like it has mild scoliosis. It's tilting a bit to the right. LOL! I'm okay with anyone endorsing it but not Dingdong Dantes or Dingdong Avanzado or any other sapien whose name starts with DINGDONG! I do not want my beer, i mean OUR beer, to be represented by someone whose name is patterned after a freakin' schlong!

    "San Miguel beer, all else pales in comparison." -- and this last line, this is the reason why I love you! Witty!

    P.S. Sino si Bay Elorde?

  3. Now that you've mentioned it, yeah the bottle looks crooked. And I got it from their official website. Ugh.

    Neckromancer, I'd get Derek Ramsay. If nothing else, he's got the "healthy" image now with all the canned tuna ads. That oughta neutralize the light beer as the healthy alternative myth.

    Khaye, blasphemous Khaye, Bay Elorde was the Manny Pacquiao of his time. His San Miguel ads had the punchline "isang platitong mani" because he was known for being tight with his money. He died a very wealthy man (owns the Elorde Coliseum in Sucat).

    And oh yeah, I'd like one version of the ad to say "San Miguel beer, the cherry on top to my perfect day".

  4. The commercial's not in youtube. Hay. Nacurious pa naman ako. :(

  5. Oh I am so sorry K. Funny pa naman yun (at the time). Ok lang when they made Manny do it (one time) for continuity tienes. But corny now for making Bitoy do it.

  6. "San Miguel beer, the cherry on top to my perfect day".

    I'm on drugs. It's on "on top OF"... ugh...

  7. Found no videos, but here's something FTW.

    Outside the ring
    After his retirement, Elorde remained in the Philippines within the public eye, prominent as a popular commercial endorser, especially for San Miguel Beer. In fact, his San Miguel Beer TV commercial (together with Bert Marcelo and Rico J. Puno), wherein he famously said the words ".... isang platitong mani" (one plate of peanuts), was recently named as the No.1 Filipino advertisement of all time. Another commercial showed him saying the popular line "Wag namang bara-bara, Bay."

  8. i would be the perfect endorser, Don Dee, if only for my beer belly. And my ruggedly handsome looks (from a mile away). i will accept a talent fee in kind, at least one year's supply of SMB for us.

    Taena Bro, Beer Natin To!


  9. Ex-deal is all well and good, oh except for the fact that we've got a pulutan monster member conspirator (lol, you know who you are). McCann, should they "steal" our idea, must also give us some sisig and chicharon bulaklak money.

  10. "San Miguel beer, all else pales in comparison."

    that's one intelligent and funny line. i love it! :)

  11. Thanks Nimmy. I am glad you liked it. And welcome to the Mungo Conspirators Secret Society.

  12. oh, beer! i hate horses, specially the red ones. my male buddies got me to drinking 'em (the beer, not the buddies! :P ) last night, roundtable tagay style. para kaming construction workers! didn't know how i got home unscathed. had hell for a headache at 5 am today. now, pilsen we had two weeks ago. someone had to drive me home, but i don't remember cursing the beer the next day. i love your "all else pales" tag, but i think it will limit the market for the once-upon-a-time king of beer. too thick a language barrier, for the RP market at least. it needs something that both construction workers and executives can relate to. but you've given smc people something good to think about. the thrust of the smc R&D in the late 90s resulted to the wreck of the pilsen we see today, i think. talk about business dev ruining the flagship. the idea didn't yield good results. the gokongwei's did it better a few years later.

  13. LOL! I am not a bit surprised, ok, just a little maybe, but as far as my blog is concerned, this one issue had the MOST REACTION! Go figure. :)

  14. well, what do you know, Don Dee, we love our beer!

    One other thing. In the 1990s and even today rock bands were good commercial endorsers. What the hell happened today? I won't get Callalily to promote my manly beer! Look, Red Horse had to resort to Pepe Smith!

    Maybe we can adopt Ogie Alcasid's song for Noynoy's inauguration as a jingle. It sings of reconciliation, peace, working together. And maybe get Noynoy as an endorser.

  15. And whatever happens, do not get this person as the endorser:

  16. Yep, SMB is the only choice.

    The red one is just too sweet for my taste. . . Plus, it gives me this monster headache the next day. If that's not enough, I also get body aches.

    While with our brand of pale, everything goes perfect.

    As an added fact, whenever I get a rheumatic episode, all I have to do is go to the nearest bar and gobble up a few bottles of SMB and all the pain is gone.

    I know its weird but it works for me.

    Sa lights naman, twing may nagsasabi sa aking yun ang inumin namin, sinasabi ko na lang, "Ano yan, lokohan?" hehehe.
    Parang tubig lang pag lights... tapos mas mahal pa. Kaasar!

    Nauso lang naman yan dahil sa mga kabataang gusto ipagmalaki na umiinom sila kahit di naman talaga kaya uminom ng tunay. Hehehe.

    Down with the lights!!!

  17. We are not advertising people so we don't exactly know the thinking and the process in coming up with commercials. So I don't think it's fair to put the blame on McCann (if I understand it correctly that they are the advertising agency of San Miguel). I heard that the directions to revive the old commercial specifically came from San Miguel. Therefore, if the brand is dying, there's no one to blame but the client themselves (whoever gave that direction). But then again, clients are the ones paying for the commercials, so they have the right too to do whatever they want and whatever they think is best with the brand. Now, for us San Miguel Pale Pilsen lovers, if we truly love its taste, then let's enjoy its taste and whatever we pair it with -- May it be girls, food, or as you put it, "a perfect happy day". Cheers!

  18. I worked in production. And have personally written an ad or two (radio, print, and tv). But you are right. Sometimes it is the client's fault. I remember one radio ad I initially wrote the copy for that got so screwed up by the (Japanese) client that I didn't even want my name associated with it. But you know what? I have some insider info (ex GF was a creative director for McCann). And it is their fault. Haha.

  19. Hey -=K=-! I finally found the "isang platitong mani" ad.!

  20. Nyahahahahah!!!! Asteeeeg. Napanood ko na just now. Star studded yung commercial ah!


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