Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Thank you ManilaTonight!

Manilatonight.com has seen the light and is all-out in support of our war against the mungo mafia! Our ad now appears (free of charge) right beside kuusamospa, adults' choice of the year for both 2008 and 2009, and hoping to three-peat this year! 

Take heart conspirators, this is just the first step in our fight to seek justice. We have crossed the Rubicon, fired the first volley across the bow, plus one more inspiring cliché to be inserted here later.

The days will be long, and the nights will be cold, but our resolve will never be diminished. And in the spirit of our neighbors in ad placement, we shall never ever falter, not until we have achieved our very own happy ending.

The numbers according to Nuffnang Analytics one day
after the ad placement on MTC


  1. Uy, reached my daily average before 5 pm! Will the MTC ad result in MC breaching the all-time high? Let see...

    Around 30% of my referrals are MTC. The rest are from my FB, then google. Yeah, owning "mungo" is paying dividends. Who would've thought?! Lol.

    And oh yeah, I get a lot of non-referred visitors. The real followers I suppose. :)

  2. Yeheyyyyy! :) I love it. Can I ask for an autograph?

    Cheers to my favorite blog!

  3. It's official. MC is now on page one of the Topblogs' list in the humor category. Today's hits is enroute to tying or even surpassing my all time high (when I first posted Manny Pacquiao). And MTC has officially dislodged google as my number one referral (though not by much, so let us not piss off Mr. Google).

    This is a small victory, but let us not celebrate yet. The mafia still has a stranglehold of the mungo market, please let us not forget this one sad fact.

    Keep moving forward! (Capt. Winters, Band of Brothers)

  4. ¡¡¡ Congratulations ... keep up the good work !!!

    From a member of kamag-anak inc.

  5. Thanks guys. And hey X, it might interest you to know that I get 15% of my hits from the US, and not just from you. lol. I think I've figured out your IP address (you know I can get that when you look at my blog, right?). "Manny Pacquiao" still continues to haul 'em in as far as google is concerned. Very hot keyword talaga si pareng Manny. Pag may issue na naman yan, you bet your ass I'm gonna comment! Oh yeah, I am giving you the authority to organize the US chapter of the conspirators. LOL. Do you eat mungo on Fridays in the US?

  6. -=K=-
    Always remember, you were the first to comment on MC. My kamag-anak inc still prefers to comment on my FB link.... haaaaay...

  7. http://www.topblogs.com.ph/humor/page_2.html

    Mali naman ang link mo. Nakalink ka sa Personal, eh nasa pang 66 ka sa Humor.

  8. Fixed the link Chris. Thanks. And yeah, balik page 2 na ulet MC. Huhuhuhu...

  9. Held the bottom page of page one for all of 12 hours. Huhuhuhu...

    Eniwey, hindi ko alam kung ano problema ni mr. g today. 3 times na nya pinabisita pet bot nya since this morning. Taena ka kasi Chris e, the mere mention of hijack, tampo kaagad yang si mr. g. At sinong walanghiya nag-search sa google ng mungo mafia? lol.

  10. MTC is under DDOS attack. At the moment the domain is pointed to google when you type in MTC. it redirects to FB when typing www.mtc

  11. This is work of the Mafia no doubt!


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