Sunday, September 29, 2013

Talong and short of it

If you are wondering why the RP space program is limited to joining contests of body spray companies, wonder no more. Apparently, the Court of Appeals has decided that Filipinos are not qualified to study and experiment with talong (story here).

Scientific guarantee. No such thing when the Americans decided to launch the Apollo missions. Astronauts could have died. This is a fact. Those mercury rockets? Those are basically fuel tanks. Picture those huge Petron tankers you see in the highway, now multiply that 10 fold. Stick an inverse funnel on its ass then light it. That's basically what a rocket is. Had that fallen into a major city, thousands could have died. Did that stop the Americans from being the first to land on the moon?

Well, we'll never get there. The CA do not even trust Filipino with talong. And our NDCC leaders are telling us to run for cover whenever North Korea decides to try to launch a rocket into space.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

And in breaking entertainment news

After the lackluster one night Manila performance by Rihanna, the young diva announced that she does not like adobo or any Filipino food for that matter.

What?! Declare that singer persona non grata!

But wait. This "news" is not really true.

Except from the way entertainment writers/reporters put an emphasis on that question you would think we would riot if  it were true. Just how thin-skinned do these entertainment news writers think we are? Why this obsession with adobo? Why ask "You like adobo?", each and every freaking time a foreign act would dare perform in the country?

Stop it! A plague! A plague on the house of the next lazy uninspired dumb-ass who asks the stupid question ... or a tsinelas to the face ... on both cheeks.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Wang wang

At sa daang matuwid ni PNoy, na akala ko ba'y katapusan na ng wang-wang, ito ang larawan mula sa

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pork Barrel

If anything, what the recent news tell me is that I am in the wrong business. But no worries. If nothing else, I can adapt to what present circumstances require. So I have decided to create my own NGO. And to protect myself from lawsuits, my NGO will have senators and congressmen as beneficiaries. No hypocrisy, right? Now give me some of that pork!

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