Monday, November 28, 2011

Shoe business

The trick used to be to price items 5 centavos less than the actual selling price. 999.95 pesos instead of 1,000 pesos. The idea is to soften the sticker shock somewhat. And it worked until people realized that the cashier is never going to give you your 5 centavos back. Not voluntarily anyway. Of course, if the cashier is cute enough, I am that guy who insists I get my 5 centavos -- if only so I can chat her up longer.

Today, I go to the grocery store and I see items being sold per half kilo. What's going on here? Since when did 1/2 become a unit? Pricier items like tiger prawns are in fact being sold per 1/4 kilo. Are these people serious? Surely this is by design. They are lying to us via fractions. They figure it's harder for Juan to complain if  he is tasked to do mental fractions. I am just crossing my fingers that the Big Three oil companies do not resort to this tactic and start selling diesel per half liter. Or Meralco, per half a kilowatt hour.

But you know what? I'm going into a side business myself. I'll be selling men's and ladies' shoes this Christmas shopping season. Knock-offs from China that I assure you is just as good as the original. Just message me if you are interested. I'll be selling them at 999.95 pesos per shoe.


  1. Don't be surprised if the Pizza parlors start pricing their slices based from 3.1416 multiplied to the square of the radius and multiplied to the angle of the slice divided by 360.

    Just saying.

  2. Good luck on your business .. me too.. i'm planning to pursue a business next year.

  3. hmmm.. wish you luck on that!


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