Tuesday, December 28, 2010

15 minutes

Another "expert" noticed yet another "error" on the new peso bills. Whale sharks are not exclusive to the Philippines, so went his logic, and therefore should not be included in the peso bills. Huwaaaaat? How's that again? Where in the new 100 peso bill did we even lay claim that we owned the exclusive patent to Butandings?

Hmmm... volcanoes are not exclusive to the Philippines, get rid of that. People gathered together in a crowd, not our invention, get rid of it. And oh, we should tell Canada to change their flag since maple trees do not grow exclusively in Canada. We once had the coconut tree on our coin, that was a big mistake!

Who the duck are these people? They're all coming out of the woodwork all of the sudden it seems. All laying claim to their 15 minutes of fame. Well ok,  great. You got your names in print. Go clip that from your Inquirer, save it, and take it with you to your grave. Congratulations! You are now famous. Whoever the duck you are.


Look, simple point I want to make, if you are going to protest something, or point out errors on something, make that something -- oh, I don't know, how about, SUBSTANTIAL. And it is not like we have a dearth of somethings to protest about. You've got the Supreme Court still protecting La Gloria and her family. The Ombudsman just gave that corrupt general a free pass. Etcetera, etcetera.  And you are worried that the Butanding is on the new 100 peso bill?


Interesting footnote; when the Inquirer published the first "error" story on the new peso bills, my pageviews got almost 200 more than normal (because of my entry on the subject).  I am getting another boost from the Butanding "error" story. So thanks for the page hits, I guess, you sorry nitpicking losers.

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