Friday, December 10, 2010

Utak kuliglig

Eight out of every ten Filipinos support PNoy's administration according to the latest survey. This is in spite of the "experts" continuing their attack on the "amateur" PNoy government.

And who are these "experts"?

One congressman whose infamy includes getting all of congress to work overtime to pass the (failed) cha-cha initiative when a super typhoon was ravaging his constituency.

One senator who chaired the blue ribbon committee chairman and saw NOTHING at all wrong in the nine years of PGMA's reign.

These are the "experts" leading the charge.

With apologies to the kuliglig drivers, who want nothing more than a means of livelihood, but these experts are one with them in mentality. It matters not, whether a policy will benefit the many, or if it is against the law or common sense. What matters is "Eh ano naman ang sa akin? Ano ang pakinabang ko?"

Utak kuliglig. Walang pake kung tama o mali, basta ang kita ko ang dapat maproteksyonan.

So sure, the PNoy admin bungles in it's "amateur" attempts to DO WHAT IS RIGHT. But you know what? I am one of the 8 for every 10 Pinoys who would rather take that amateurism than the expertise by which our country was raped in the previous admin. So expert apparently, that they've embedded stooges that will continue to protect them even when they're no longer in Malacanang.

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