Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ketchup lovers unite!

I was working overtime one night and decided to order take-out. And this is what I discovered. That popular hamburger chain will not deliver ketchup unless you specifically ask for it. Yes, even if you order burger and fries.
I asked the delivery guy “Why no ketchup?” and he tells me that he, one time, on his own initiative took some ketchup sachets to go with the burger and fries order. But to his dismay was reprimanded for it by his supervisor.

This is what we get. They pay that over-rated celebrity a gazillion pesos to endorse their product and we get scrimped on in ketchup. It wouldn’t be so bad if I was home. I always have ketchup, but sadly, not in the office. What is the world coming to? You have to specify that you like bagoong to go with your kare-kare? That you like your softdrinks cold?

I say “NO!” We need to put a stop to this nonsense. I refuse to believe that the fate of their entire multi-billion business empire rests on ketchup savings.

Even when you dine-in at their stores, they give you these little cups not much bigger than a soda bottle cap. They are betting, I am sure, that you are too lazy to make the five trips to the ketchup dispenser to finish off one regular order of fries. Maybe they should go ahead and just ask customers to sign an affidavit for the ketchup. I am sure they are itching to. Require everyone to submit an affidavit, police report, NBI clearance, and a notarized sworn statement for one full serving of ketchup.

A good friend of mine has taken the initiative to order take-out from the same chain, and refuse the order if there are no ketchup sachets in the delivery. I wish I was as brave. I’d rather not imagine what special sauce goes in the burger -- twice delivered.

But clearly, something needs to be done. Who’s with me?

Ketchup lovers of the world unite! Let us fight for our ketchup eating rights!



    I'm with you dude. I'm with you.

  2. there's a simple answer and its because not everyone like's ketchup


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