Monday, March 15, 2010

Norah Jones is Pinay

There has to be some Pinoy blood in Norah Jones. Yes, that singer. Why do I say this? Did I study her genealogy and find some secret Filipino lineage? No. I am too lazy for that. I leave the hard work and research to Ambeth Ocampo.

So how in God’s good earth did I come up with that earth-shattering assertion? Simple, the superfluous “h” gave her away. It's Norah, after all, and not Nora.

What’s up with the Pinoy and the superfluous “h”? Ghirlie. Bhryan. Bhoy. Sarah. Oh wait, that last one would be correct.

And those pirated DVDs that has the English subtitles all terribly wrong? I am guessing you need the superfluous “h” to apply for that job. Jhon Dhavid – DVD subtitle writer.


  1. Khaye - 100% pinay blogger extraordinaire. LOL! Join the bandwagon, let me christen you as Dhon Dhee! Hahahaha! Tunog asthmatic lang. :P

  2. Nooooooooo.... oh please god, nooooooo....


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