Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Mungo Conspiracy

Friday lunch, any cafeteria in Metro Manila, and I am willing to bet my lunch money that mungo is the vegetable of the day.

Why? Not that there is anything wrong with it. I myself love mungo. But what’s with mungo and Fridays?

Here‘s my theory. There is a mafia-like organization that controls the mungo market in the Philippines. These wiseguys force cafeteria owners to serve mungo on Friday lunches -- or else. This creates an artificial increase in the demand for mungo on Fridays, only to deflate dramatically come opening of the stock market Monday morning.

I am no expert, but I believe there is money to be made there somewhere.


  1. I really like your sense of humor! I just stumbled on your blog today and I can't help but back read on all of your posts. It's way too funny! I'm an instant fan! =P

  2. How about darak? May market din ba ang darak? Gusto ko itong ipauso as health food.

  3. You may be on to something here Neckromancer. If the milk Mafia can sell cows' milk as natural for human consumption while tainting human milk with the "eeew factor", maybe we can pull this off! It's all a simple question of marketing. They've got people now eating/drinking grass! Hey, we are 50-50 on this, alright? We shall create the darak mafia! :D

  4. ganito naman tingin ko dyan...karaniwan na kasi yung monday to friday na pasok sa work, so kapag kumain ka ng munggo on a friday, ok lang dahil kapag sinumpong ka ng arthiritis mo, walang pasok kinabukasan unlike sundays-thursdays, me pasok kinabukasan, on a saturday naman, mostly, household chores ang ginagawa pag sunday, so kapag kumain ka ng munggo on a saturday at sinumpong ka ng arthritis, ndi ka makakagawa sa bahay mo ng lang...

  5. well skin cguro y munggo was serve evry fri it is because of the culture of the Filipinos i once ask my grandma bout that and she said nakagawian n nila tlga un n every fri munggo tlga ung ulam nila d nla maexplain y pero matgal n daw un bta p xla ganun na

  6. Dude, does your grandfather have Rheumatism? If yes, you better start removing Mungo from your diet.


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