Monday, July 12, 2010

Zynga poker

That's me with my pet bot on the 200K Sit N Go table. 
My pet bot celebrates with confetti and balloons whenever I win big. 

Life lessons I learned playing Facebook Zynga poker:

1. You will lose more times than you will win, but if you win big and lose little, you will still come out on top.

2. It's not the cards that you are dealt with it is how you play it. Never blame chance. You are in control. You can call, fold, check, or raise. It is all up you.

3. Conservative play is the way to go. Aggressiveness will win you big, but in the end, aggressive play will make you lose it all.

4. But take a chance. You can not win if you don't place any chips on the line.

5. Know when you have lost and FOLD. Live to fight another day.

6. Let your opponents beat themselves. The biggest pots I've won was when I didn't even raise and just called until they went all-in.

7. Sometimes it is enough if you can just fake it (bluff).

8. Remember that pocket aces is still just one pair. 2-3 can still beat that.

9. The cute chick with the model-like picture for an avatar is not a chick. Do not add her as a buddy. Trust me. She will harass you no end for chips.

10. In the end, it is all just  games. So chill.

I have around 5 million Zynga chips at the moment. I am currently playing at the 100K buy-in "sit n go" tables.

Looking for poker tips? Click on the label below (zynga poker) for related posts, or go to my new blog here.


  1. How'd you come up with lesson #9? You fell prey to those cute sexy avatars at one point? Ikaw talaga!

    I like #4!

    Love this post! I noticed that most of your recent posts are about zynga poker. You need intervention? :p

  2. Hmmm... no... I got one female poker buddy, and she's real. Serbian. Really hot. I know she's real because she's never asked for chips. And oh yeah, the ex-bf hates me. Lol. Told me to fcuk off during a game.

  3. Smells like a how-to book. Maybe you can sell the idea to VisPrint or PsiCom.

  4. Yeah, like a "Zynga Poker for Dummies." Lol.

  5. Just won the darned thing for the 4th time using BB Jean's account. Final hand was 2-3 off-suit that made straight and beat the pair ace of the opponent. Lol!

  6. By darned thing, I mean the shootouts of course.


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