Monday, August 30, 2010

Angel's longest relationship

photo from here

Anyone else find it pathetic that Angel Locsin's longest relationship has been to her shampoo? The thought never even entered my mind. That is until she came up with the new shampoo commercial. Five years! Yeah that's a long time. But Angel, shampoos do not count! Try that with a boyfriend. What? Tonight, you are having a 5th anniversary dinner celebration with a bottle of your shampoo?


  1. Oh dear 5 years with a shampoo? WOW!

    I guess she prefers to have dates inside her bathroom... :)

  2. Hey, CACAR (member of PINOYEXCHANGE). Thanks for posting the link to the Angel Locsin entry. I got more than 40 hits for that.

    I am not a member of PEX. I think I might register an account as soon as I get better internet access. :)

  3. Wow. Angel is really hot. I got 89 hits yesterday (all time high so far) because of Angel Locsin. Showbiz keywords? Go figure. lol.

    And yeah, I wanna be Angel's shampoo.

  4. hmm, Dates inside her Bathroom... Now that's HOT!

    Uhh, Maester Dondz, I'm not really a fan. I just clicked because it's a satire about someone i don't really like. Lol! :D

  5. Ako rin like ko si Angel. I always open pex whenever I go online but Im not a member. Nice ang commercial na to very catchy

  6. Hello Anonymous. First time here? Are you one of the Angel hits that came this way via PEX? :)


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